When’s the best time to take photos?

I’m primarily a natural light shooter. Time of day is crucial to the look of images taken outdoors. I do work with flash however the look is not the same as natural light. Early morning and evening (about an hour before sunset and an hour after sunrise) are the best times to shoot lighting wise. The middle of the day (roughly 10am to 4pm) is hot and the sunlight harsh especially during the summer months on the beach. If you have flexibility plan your event for later in the day if we will be shooting where there is no shade.

Will you personally photograph my event?

Yes. I do utilize an assistant for larger events and additional shooters when requested. In any either case I remain the primary shooter.

During the wedding day how will you cover my event?

I’m high-energy and I like to interact with my subjects when it’s time to do so. I move around quite a bit during the ceremony and reception to capture as many candid images from as many angles as possible.

Can my guests take Photos at the wedding?

Yes. Once they do not get in the way. I have no problem with family and friends taking their own photos.

Can you stay and shoot longer than the contracted time?

Yes if on the wedding day you decide you want me to shoot additional time that’s no problem. I charge hourly for additional time. The billing can be settled before delivery of images.

What kind of equipment do you use?

18 megapixel Canon Cameras with Canon L series professional lenses.

How are the images provided?

Images are provided on Disc in High Resolution Jpeg format.

How many images do you shoot?

The final total of images is dependent on how the event flows and what’s available for me to shoot. This varies with each event. However you can expect 75 to 100 images per hour of photography.

What about Copyright? Can I print the images?

You are granted a limited copyright. You can reproduce and disseminate the images freely for personal use only. Images cannot be professionally published or sold without permission or compensation where applicable.

Can my family and friends view/purchase photos?

Yes a complimentary password protected online gallery can be provided.

I am on a tight budget how do I make the most of it?

Aside from the officiant. The photographer is probably the most important vendor you will contract for your event. At the end of it all the photos will be the only thing you walk away with. Therefore you should get the best photographer you can afford. As the saying goes you get what you pay for. That being said some things you can consider are:

Book a package with the bare minimum. IE the photographer’s time and images on CD. Custom Albums and Enlargements can always be purchased afterwards. The most important thing is making sure exceptional images are captured on that day.

Location of dress site, ceremony and reception. The closer these are to each other the less time is lost in transit between venues.

Create a basic shot list to make the post ceremony photos process flow faster. Think about which formal photos you want before the wedding. List the basic images you want but don’t make the list so long that it’s inefficient to follow. Inform those people you want in the images where they should be and when.

There’s only so many things a photographer can shoot at a reception. Organize key elements at your reception so they are closer to the beginning of the event. The first dance, cake cutting, bouquet throw, speeches etc.

Should we meet before the wedding day?

Ideally yes. I think its important to meet so that we can get to know each other a bit. I find this allows a greater level of comfort and relaxation on the wedding day. This in turn allows for better images.