The Commonwealth of The Bahamas is an archipelago of over 700 islands and 2000 plus cays. It’s located in the western Atlantic Ocean 50 miles east of the US state of Florida. It is one of the most popular Tourist destinations in the Americas. The Bahamas is known for its beautiful environment and subtropical weather. There are beautiful white sand beaches along with crystal clear turquoise waters. The beautiful natural environment makes the Bahamas the perfect place for wedding, family and event photography. There are many wedding and event destination options. You have the vibrance of the city or laid back intimacy of an out island. Below are some of the popular Bahamas wedding destinations. I have photographed weddings at all of them.


Nassau is the largest city and capital of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas. It is located on the Island of New Providence. About 70 percent of the country’s population reside on the Island of New Providence. Nassau is the country’s largest commercial center, the seat of Government and offers a variety of activities for visitors. It has a very rich history stretching back to the days of the Pirates. It is a great location for wedding photography. Several things that make Nassau a great location for weddings are:

  • It has the largest amount of direct international flights.
  • It has the largest amount of activities.
  • It has the largest selection of wedding venue options.


Paradise Island is adjacent to the Island of New Providence. It’s connected to the city of Nassau via two bridges. It is the home the world famous Atlantis Resort, the luxurious One & Only Ocean Club Resort and Golf Course as well as several other resorts and hotels. The things that make Paradise Island great for weddings are:

  • The backdrop options. The Atlantis and The One an Only Ocean Club are especially nice.
  • The French Cloisters.
  • Cabbage Beach. Which runs along the northern shore. It’s the best beach in the Nassau Paradise Island area.

Grand Bahama

Grand Bahama Island is home to the nation’s second city Freeport.  It is the second most populated island in the Bahamas. Located about 67 miles East of the West Palm Beach Florida. Grand Bahama is a great option if you’re looking for a location that’s a bit slower paced than Nassau. There are great beaches and several nice venues options including The Grand Lucayan and Pelican Bay hotels both of which I’ve photographed weddings at.

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The Abacos are a group of islands in the northern Bahamas. East of Grand Bahama this chain of Islands offers beautiful beaches, gorgeous waters and a boating and sailing paradise. Locally the group of Island are generally referred to as Abac.  Abaco is a beautiful relaxing backdrop for an intimate Island style wedding. One of my favorite places to shoot is Treasure Cay which has gorgeous beaches. Abaco has two International Airports and several resort options.

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Eleuthera is located about 65 miles east of New Providence. This slender island is known for delicious pineapples and pristine pink sand beaches. It’s the fourth most populated Bahamian Island with just over 11 thousand residents. The island has some great natural features such as blue holes, cliffs and the breathtaking Glass Window Bridge area. Located at the skinniest part of the island. The powerful deep blue Atlantic ocean is separated from the clam turquoise Caribbean sea by feet. Eleuthera is a great for an Out Island wedding experience. There are three international airports and several resort options. Harbour Island  known as ‘Briland’ to locals is located off the tip of North Eleuthera. At 3.5 miles long and 1.5 miles wide it’s a tiny paradise unto itself. Many residents use golf carts to transverse the island. Harbour Island is separated from Eleuthera by a narrow channel. Water taxis are used to transport people back and forth from Eleuthera. Harbour Island is famous for it’s 3 mile long pink sand beach and the many colonial style homes.

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The Exumas are an island chain of some 365 islands and cays. The largest of which is Great Exuma. Just 35 miles south east of the Capital Nassau. The Exuma’s are known for crystal blue waters and many little sandy cays. Home to the National Family Island Regatta The Exumas showcase the absolute best of what the Bahamas as to offer in terms of beautiful waters. Here you’ll find a relaxed atmosphere and beautiful environment typical of Out Islands. A great place for intimate Island Weddings. Sandals Emerald Bay and Grand Isle Resort and Spa are both Located in Exuma. I love shooting Exuma Weddings.

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